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Dedicated to making autonomous driving change the world

Dedicated to making autonomous driving change the world

Through innovation, excellence and sustained efforts, autonomous vehicles will become the preferred way of travel in the future. We firmly believe that autonomous driving technology will revolutionize the way people travel, improve road safety, reduce traffic congestion, and help achieve a more environmentally friendly and efficient transportation system.

Our Application

Lingfeng's autonomous driving technology is widely used in logistics transportation, public transportation, travel services, and special fields

Logistics Transportation

The application of autonomous driving technologies in the logistics and transportation industry is gradually becoming widespread, and these technologies have significantly improved transportation efficiency, reduced costs, and in some cases improved safety.

Public Transport

Applications of autonomous driving technology in the public transportation industry include smart public transportation, driverless subways, taxis and shared buses. These applications not only improve transportation efficiency and reduce labor costs, but also provide passengers with a safer and more comfortable travel experience.

Special Areas

Applications of autonomous driving technology in special industries include mines, ports and industrial sites. It can improve work efficiency, reduce accident risks, and reduce reliance on human resources. Through precise control and autonomous navigation, autonomous driving technology has shown great potential in these special environments.

Why choose Ling Feng?
Dedicated to making autonomous driving change the world

Focusing on the field of autonomous driving, relying on cutting-edge technology, excellent R & D strength and rich industry experience, we continue to provide customers with safe and intelligent autonomous driving solutions, lead future travel methods, and create a new era of smart transportation.


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