Lingfeng Autonomous Driving

Using groundbreaking sensing sensor technology, it can fully realize driverless driving and is designed to achieve the highest accuracy and safety, which is a re-conception of autonomous driving.

  • human-centered design
    Users are put first, with equal emphasis on practical functions and comfortable experience, creating a humane design and creating a new chapter of harmonious interaction.
  • Low emissions and high efficiency
    Protect the blue sky with low emissions, ride on roads with high efficiency, take into account environmental protection and energy conservation, and make it a new choice for future travel.
Lingfeng Intelligent Driving Software

Intelligent driving software, future technology guidance, intelligent decision-making, enjoy worry-free driving, and experience the ultimate fun.

  • financial-grade security
    Lingfeng smart driving software, financial-level security protection, stable performance, ensures worry-free driving, and is a trusted choice.
  • Remote real-time updates
    Lingfeng Smart Driving Software, which is updated remotely with one click, leads the new trend of smart driving, enjoys boundless fun, and starts immediately!